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Because Sorceresses and hotdogs are SERIOUS BUSINESS.

11/20/08 06:41 pm - astrangerenters - Video: Final Fantasy VIII // Watchmen Trailer Parody

O hai, comm! Wakey wakey!!

Here is my (awesome) (maybe) (it's alright) parody trailer for the upcoming movie Watchmen featuring clips from Final Fantasy VIII. Yes, it's as cracktacular as it sounds.

First, for reference, here's a link to the original Watchmen trailer:


And here is my video. Enjoy!

10/5/08 11:29 am - galbadia - 'CAUSE THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR ME~

I made this last night in a fit of rage against Palin, posted it to my journal, and irish_ais begged of me to post it here, so! 8D

10/4/08 05:39 pm - astrangerenters - Fic: Squall Leonhart in 'The Worst Weekend of All Time'

Title: Squall Leonhart in 'The Worst Weekend of All Time'
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII (I'd hope that was obvious)
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Squall, Laguna, Rinoa, Kiros
Summary: It's bad news for Squall when he's forced to attend a leadership seminar in Esthar against his will. Cringe at Squall's social ineptitude as he deals with motivational speakers, seminar attendees, his teasing girlfriend, and a Presidential roommate.

The Worst Weekend of All TimeCollapse )

8/17/08 11:42 pm - thesassyboys - A FF8 RP? In 2008? It's More Common Than You Might Think.

Hello everyone. Is it just me or does rereading a beloved fanfiction, replaying a game, or seeing old cosplays just bring you all right back to a past love? That’s me right now. I’ve gotten myself smack dab back in the middle of my absolute love of Final Fantasy 8. I’ve been doing all of the above. Reading fanfiction on Skype, replaying the game on my PSP and I even got spun around in the air by a Seifer at Otakon 2008 *happy fangirl sigh*.

Now, why am I blabbing about this? Well, me and a new friend I made at Otakon are so in love with all this crazy old stuff that we kinda wanna start another FF8 RP. But, it is an old game, the fandom’s spread out, and most of us have moved onto other things, even if we do still love the good ol’ FF8 chars. So, I want to see how many people would be interested in starting a FF8 RP (Yaoi, Yuri, Het, w/e). If we can get a nice little group together I’d love to set something up.

So, if you love it now, or loved it before, go dust off that old PS1 or boot up your emulator and play for a few hours and join the re-awakened obsession that is this awesome potential! I would love to see a whole bunch of people just glee at the idea of someone making a new FF8 RP, and that person will be me if you want to give it a shot. So let me know.

e-mail: erin_sanderson@shaw.ca , ponie_foal@hotmail.com
AIM: Booya Blond, Loonar Dancer

6/17/08 04:46 pm - irish_ais - ADVERTISEMENT: Phoenix Down Monthly

Phoenix Down Monthly, and its adult-oriented companion Phoenix Down: Afterdark, is an online literary magazine devoted to Final Fantasy goodfic and good art. It's submissions-based, and all FF game canons are allowed.

We're open for Issue #1 submissions until July 15! Send us your AWESOME STUFF!

6/8/08 09:08 pm - dinoah - Don't Even Ask. D:

Its scarier than you think it may be.
This is what comes out of my boredom.
Im glad I got a new job. LOL.

may induce seizures at the end. P:


5/30/08 09:58 am - irish_ais - Modly Postings: Macro Challenge #2

Well, I'm not dead, and I hope you all aren't too, otherwise, I'm posting to a bunch of zombies, and that just gets awkward!

It's time for Round 2 of "Macro That Screencap"!


1. Put some text on this picture in MSPaint or Photoshop, or whatever.
2. Post it in the comments.
3. ???
4. Profit.

There's no deadline, so HAVE FUN. AND BE WITTY.

5/24/08 05:29 am - galbadia - ffviii - seifer/rinoa - naughty naughty (crackmix)


( seifer/rinoa CRACK - naughty naughty )

5/16/08 01:09 pm - renna_esprit - Drabble: "Do Not Scratch Her", Quistis, Seifer

Title: Do not scratch her
Author: Renna, renna_esprit
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: PG
Character: Quistis, Seifer
Disclaimer: not mine
Word count: about 380
Thanks to Iapis for beta :)

It wasn’t like that before. It was different. He could win and not even touched me; he could prove his strength not even having to scratch my skin. And now he can’t.

5/3/08 01:07 am - galbadia - so i had this idea, got bored, and...

Title: Technical Difficulty
Author: 8D
Rating: You know, I'm not sure. PG, maybe?
Characters: Squall, Ellone, Raine, Laguna
Warnings: ...kinda cracky? But like that's a warning here. :D ELLONE IS LIKE, EVIL. LOL. Also, I wrote this with... really no plan. Seriously. I had an idea and decided to just wing it, and didn't even go back to check anything! So if nothing quite fits together, MY BAD.
Summary: Squall wants to know about his mother.

and it don't get better than thisCollapse )

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